Kawasaki, Z, ZX, cush drive kit

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  • Cush drive kit to fit Kawasaki Z 1000, ZX 6 R, ZX 7 R, ZX 9R, ZXR 750.

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Jolt dampers are used to dampen the load change in the drive train, Load peaks at top speeds and during abrupt braking are thus reduced.

Worn shock absorbers are noticeable through increased play in the drive train and automatically lead to wear of the chain set.



  • Z 1000 (2003-09)
  • ZX 6 R (1998-06)
  • ZX 7 R (1996-02)
  • ZX 9 R (1994-03)
  • ZXR 750 (1993-95)

Made in Spain.


  • Reference RQ-004045

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